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Our Courses
With the fast paced growth in the software and hardware technology sector, companies and institutions will have to cope with the vast progress through providing its employees with the necessary technical training to improve their performance, and through adopting new practices to develop more competitive businesses. Technical training should be tailored to the set of skills required at the company or organization.
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    Software Testing
    We Train students to meet the customer's reliability and their satisfaction in the application. • Manual testing • Selenium Automation tool
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    Computers are basic requirements of every IT industry. This course skills to plan, implement and support the computer networks. • Network + • CCNA , A+
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    Database Management
    DBMS allows to manage data efficiently and allows users to perform multiple Changes with ease. We offer Students with best database training on: SQL PL/SQL Advanced Excel
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    Computer Programming
    Programming has made every tasks automated and easy. This course contains all the basic to advanced training on programming such as java,c,c++ etc..
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    Computer Hardware
    The hardware of the computer is considered to be the most important because without it, it will simply not work. Our Training covers Basic to advanced computer hardware training .
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    Corel Draw & DTP
    Tools like Corel draw make documents look better. We train our students by providing individual attention and make them expertise in such features.
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    Android Development
    This course is ideal for anyone looking to establish a career in Android app development.Basics of Android and Java programming is introduced,while guiding you, step by step, through the process of building an application.
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    Our expert trainers give a detailed training on outstanding management, including Credit Limit, Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable, Flexible Voucher Numbering, Flexible Classification of Account Heads Etc .
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    Web Designing
    A well-built website will generate new business at an exponential rate. We help the students to design the webpage by using simple programming language such HTML,XML,CSS etc...